Business Development Since 1997

Since the first dotcom boom to present I've been involved with digital business development in one way or another - I think that gives me "OG" Status :) 

1997 - 2002

Digital Agency

In 1997 based in Denver, CO I started my first web development agency during the dotcom boom. 

One thing led to another and before long I was offering development and marketing services across the Midwestern United States. I launched my first e-commerce venture at age 21 and sold it 3 years later for a small profit. 

After a knee injury cut short my dreams of a career in professional sport, I returned to South Africa and pursued a career in Affiliate Marketing.

2003 - 2006

Affiliate Manager

I joined a Microgaming Casino Startup in 2003 to help build their Affiliate Program. 

My challenge was outrageous.


At the time the casino niche was booming and our competition had the same or similar software but with much deeper pockets. 

To cut a long story short I built a multi-million dollar a month Affiliate Program from the ground-up in under 3 years, and was widely considered one of the Top 3 Affiliate Managers in the niche, worldwide. 

The secret to my success was relationship building with Super Affiliates, who delivered more than 80% of our traffic.


(The old 80/20 rule.) 

I remained in this position until 2006 when I resigned to challenge myself as a full-time affiliate marketer in the same niche, a path only a handful of managers had successfully navigated at the time. 

2007 - Present

Affiliate Marketer

I entered the world of iGaming Affiliate marketing in 2007 with the goal of achieving Super Affiliate status. 

Fast forward 3 years and I reached my goal, a feat only 3 Affiliate Managers had accomplished before me. 

After the US effectively ended affiliate marketing for iGaming, I switched my focus to the luxury travel market, brokered a deal with a leading operations company and continue to operate the business to this day. 

As I enter the second half of my life my greatest feeling of satisfaction is derived from helping others succeed. 

It is with this intent that I have started an Affiliate Management and Marketing consultancy, where I hope to become the leading strategist in this field too. 

For more information, contact me to schedule a Skype consultation.