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It's my job to optimise digital marketing strategies to beat the market.

Digital Marketing & Brand Development

Copywriting, UX Design & Analytics

What's needed for success?

  • Google Ads - Copywriting Wins The Day

  • Google Search - Authority Content and Links

  • Facebooks Ads - Lead Magnets & Sales Funnels

  • Website Conversions - Sales Copy & Design

The most critical skills for digital marketing success are Copywriting & UX Design

The early days...

Denver, USA 1997

When I arrived in Denver on a cold winters night as a 19 year old from South Africa, I had two goals...

Play professional sport and learn about business. 

As luck would have it I found myself with a tech-savvy roommate at the start of the internet revolution - the first "dot-com" boom. 

Quickly learning all I could about coding and graphic design - 16 hrs a day for 30 days - I start freelancing to local agencies. 

Fast forward 6 months and I buy a banner ad on AOL, my first agency is born. 

Everyone wants a website and before long I'm servicing the mid-west of America. 

At 21 I launch my first e-commerce venture and I've been online ever since. 

Enter online casinos

South Africa, 2003

After blowing out my knee and dreams of a sports career left on the fields of Denver, I return to South Africa. 

An exciting software company started by entrepreneurial South African's launches, called Microgaming. 

I'm hired to build a casino Affiliate program from scratch for one of the partners. 

My journey into Affiliate marketing is born. 

I travel the world acquiring partnerships with the brightest minds in digital marketing...

In the process learning the tricks of the trade and grow the Affiliate program to over 1,000 partners generating $1M+ in monthly revenue - in under 3 years. 

Affiliate Marketing

Mauritius, 2009

Achieving all I could on the operations side of casino affiliate marketing, I make a move to fulltime affiliate marketing. 

I continue to generate traffic using Google SEO and Paid Ads to deliver clients to partners worldwide. 

I work in highly competitive niches like online casinos, sports betting, forex, dating and travel. 

By 2012 I achieve super affiliate status in iGaming. 

Cape Town, Present Day

Today I continue to work in digital marketing with a focus on international travel to Africa through multiple portals and sales funnels. 

I use the proven strategies from the front-lines of marketing to help startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. 

My passion lies in teaching and designing strategies for success in tough markets.