Cape Town SEO

Cape Town SEO

Are you a local business looking for SEO services in Cape Town?

Do you want to rank your business on top of Google and not pay for every click you receive?

If so you need expert SEO services.

My name is Garth Wilby and I’m a professional search engine marketer and ex International Super Affiliate in the gaming industry.

What does that meant for your business?

It means you get a partner with experience at the highest level. There are only a handful of people in South Africa period, who have achieved what I have achieved.

So then, where to start?


1. Google Business Listing

What is a Google Business Listing you ask?

Have you noticed when you search for a local business Google often shows a map with business locations at the to of the search engine results?

That’s a Google Business Listing.

Anyone can signup for a free Google Business Listing and get included in the map search, but you don’t just want to be listed, you want to be listed number one.

By optimising your Google Business Listing we are able to get you ranked #1 in these listings more often than not. That’s great exposure for your business and a quick win.


2. Onsite Optimisation

Next we need to work on your site and make sure search engines love it.

The majority of websites are built by WordPress designers who may be great at building websites, but typically are not scoring any home runs with their SEO skills.

We analyse your website in detail and start by making best-practices updates to your core pages.

If you want to know what exactly we update, read this article by SEO expert Brian Dean, he has built the authority document on the topic, no use me rehashing everything here 🙂


3. Content Development

There is nothing Google loves more than great content.

We do professional keyword research to establish the most profitable search engine terms in your niche, then we build great content around these terms.

If you want to rank at the top of the Cape Town listings, this step alone typically gets you there.

What makes our content better?

The majority of Cape Town SEO companies you speak to will tell you to get a blog and write a lot of articles, or at least they’ll do this for you.

Blog articles are good, make no mistake, but what you want for your major terms in authority content using the Skyscraper technique.

In a nutshell this is content that is bigger and better than all of your competitors content, and this is what we specialise in.

We analyse your competition and then build bigger and better content.


4. Link Building

If you operate in a very competitive niche your SEO efforts will require link building.

What is link building?

Basically it is getting other websites to link to yours within your niche.

You may think that your competitors will not link to you, and you may be right, but we can always find closely related niches and quality sites to generate links from.

The more links your content has, the higher your search engine ranks. (if done correctly)


5. Social Media

You may be asking what Social Media has to do with SEO.

Let me explain.

Google is a complex beast and looks at more than just content quality, it also looks at content popularity.

Social Media is of course a cornerstone of our day to day lives and if your content is getting shared and liked on Social Media, Google rewards it with an SEO boost.

The upside with Social Media as it currently stands is cheap exposure.

We can market your content for very affordable prices and get the required social juice we need to put the cherry on top of your Cape Town SEO efforts.

A win win and this often results in new customers.



If you want a professional Cape Town SEO firm then I challenge you to find a specialist who has achieved more than I have in the field, you’ll waste a lot of energy in your quest 🙂

My expert knowledge in competitive verticals like online gambling, travel and dating gives a very specialised skill set, one I use to get you to the top of the local rankings.

Contact me today for a free consultation and let’s drive ongoing traffic to your website.

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