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As a local dentist there is always competition around the corner from other dentists, that’s the way of the business.

What you need to do however, is put yourself ahead of those competitors with great Dental SEO strategy.

Nine times out of ten your competition has not done a great job with their Dental SEO, they’ve just done a slightly better job than you.

The good news is that if you hire a professional, you can easily beat them.

Say what you like but there’s a certain satisfaction being number 1 on Google.

It’s fun to tell your friends, Google me, you’ll find me at the top.

Not to mention the business benefits.


Sure business may be booming for you now, but what if there’s a financial downturn?

People simply wont visit you as often, that’s the truth.

If you’re number 1 however, you’ll at least get new clients before your peers and weather the storm better.

So where do you start?


1. Google Business Listing

It’s free to join but to get a top listing takes a little optimisation, nothing a Dental SEO expert doesn’t know how to do.

By correctly optimising your Google Business listing you’ll appear in top position on the Google Map search, which frequently appears at the top of search engine results.

It looks like this…

Google SEO Business Listing

2. Website Optimisation

Chances are your website was setup in WordPress by a designer and not optimised by a good Dental SEO expert.

Luckily for you the Dental niche is not super competitive in SEO terms and only basic fine tuning is required.

I’m not going to give a full SEO lesson in this article, if you want to do it yourself then read this article by SEO expert Brian Dean on the 220 factors of great SEO.

Or hire an expert to do it for you, it’s a quick win.


3. Dental Content

To maximise your exposure to a wide variety of popular dental related search terms, you need to write good content.

You can setup a blog and add one article a week to start.

Each article should ideally be more than 500 words and create value for the prospect.

By establishing yourself as an Authority source in your industry you’ll gain the trust of not only your prospects and clients, but also Google.

And that means ongoing search engine traffic.

You can of course outsource the writing of this content as any good SEO can easily research a given topic and compile a good Dental doc for you.

Worst case they do the leg work and you do the touchups to give it your personality.

If your market is competitive you may need to get other websites to link to yours to boost your content rankings.

If you execute this strategy and do not rank #1, contact me and I’ll help you.


4. Google Ads

You may be asking why I’m including Google Ads in this Dental SEO doc?

Well Google Ads is a great way to get real life data from search engine requests.

Yes you can use tools to give you rough estimates, but nothings beats spending a few dollars and understanding exact demand.

This research gives you insight into the terms you want to target for your Dental SEO efforts.

The added bonus is you also find out what terms convert the best.

You’ll probably even get new customers if you setup your marketing efforts correctly.


5. Facebook Marketing

What does Social Media have to doe with Dental SEO?

Well you see Google uses a variety of signals to establish a brands credibility, social media is one of them.

With a little Facebook marketing you’ll get the right amount of social juice to please Google and boost your rankings.

Pro Tip: If you really want to boost your rankings then add YouTube videos in the mix.



Dental SEO is not rocket science.

If you follow these basic steps you’ll quickly have more clients than you can handle, a great problem to have.

You’ll also future-proof your practice in case of a recession or some other unforeseen event.

Whilst you can absolutely learn all the ins and outs of Dental SEO yourself, hiring an expert is both affordable and a higher percentage solution for top search engine rankings.

If you need help getting your Dental Clinic or Practice to the top of Google in your local area, give me a shout and I’ll happily provide you with an expert solution.

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