My greatest skill is managing the companies most important asset. 

From the early days of my childhood when I went to 7 different schools, up to my career in the USA and later as an International Affiliate Manager, I've constantly connected with people.


I understand how to quickly find common ground, form bonds and move forward with a mutually beneficial strategy. 


The day-to-day tasks of a business in my opinion can be run by any competent manager. In my head it's a simple procedure of daily routine, discipline and problem solving. 

Often times businesses find themselves using outdated strategies or systems, and it's here where I provide value by optimising for better management and revenue generation. 


Since the early days of digital marketing, back when I first purchased a banner Ad on AOL for $300 a month at age 19, I've been involved in digital marketing. 

My knowledge base is extensive with 20 years in Search Engine Marketing and a strong understanding of Social Media. 

Online or offline the concept is the same, provide information or entertainment in return for engagement. 


I truly have a passion for people and this is my greatest life skill. 

My biggest achievement in the corporate world was building a 1,000+ base of International Affiliate Marketers for a popular iGaming brand in the UK. 

Managing client expectations and delivering on promises is the foundation for success, and providing innovative solutions for better ROI is the match winner. 

Problem Solving

There are few games I like more than brainstorming. 

I get a real kick out of gathering a team in a room with a common goal and timeframe to hack out a solution to save the world :)

Ideas are the seeds of existence and love to plant and grow them.