Google Ads

When you need instant access to the best quality digital traffic, Google Ads is the number one stop. 

To really get the most out of your ad spend not only do you need a solid foundation - that's a given - more importantly you need Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

My ads consistently beat the market with better headlines, attention grabbing best-practices optimised landing pages. 

Social Media

The number one way to generate ROI on Facebook, Instagram etc is with sales funnels. 

You either offer entertainment or information in return for contact details, and a re-marketing funnel is born. 

Optimise the sales steps along the way, and after 4-5 stops your traffic should result in revenue - all 100% automated. 

Google Search

The traffic with the best value for money in my opinion is Google organic search engine traffic. 

Through targeting in-demand keywords, creating and marketing Authority content, you build a revenue stream with longterm ROI. 

My experience dates back to Webcrawler, Yahoo, Alta-Vista and Excite and through every phase of Google. 


Once you have exhausted every phase of internal digital marketing strategy, it's time to build a large-scale Affiliate program. 

Building an Affiliate network is an incredible advantage and company asset. Rewarding marketers worldwide for their efforts enables you to grow your revenue at an alarming pace. 

I have more than 15 years experience from the Operations as well as the Affiliate Marketing viewpoint. 


Content development and marketing strategy is the core foundation of all digital marketing. 

Building Pillar content to be used in lead magnets, social media posts, native ads and SEO is all part of the 360 cycle. 

This includes first analysing the market and then creating a unique approach, refinement or unique value add.