When I'm not writing ad copy, I like to build brand concepts, launch startups and help small businesses grow. 

Here are a few of my recent projects. 


What market do you think will purchase a "Big Five Gin?"

What would the prototype look like? 

Here's version one of a brand concept that I recently put forward in an investment opportunity meeting. 


If you want to shake up the local drinks market with a new-look on an outdated marketing brand, what would that look like?

I made a Tequila brand called "Beast in Paradise" and used the popular Vodka brand strategy - make it bounce in clubs. 

To kickstart the movement sponsor influencers, sell as a mixer, highlight lifestyle benefits and market via live events with Social Media hook as the content machine. 


Create market awareness for dentists in Denver, CO who want to grow their dentistries through digital marketing. 

Report exposes Top 5 Most Profitable Search Terms, how much they cost, amount of traffic and Google Search opportunities. 

The eBook is given away on Facebook in exchange for contact details to create a dental re-marketing funnel. 


This eBook gives Real Estate Agents a step-by-step guide to mining leads for home buyers and sellers on Facebook. 

The cover was inspired by Sell Like Crazy and the value add is how to get seller leads easily - a challenge the majority of Realtors struggle to do, yet it's strategically simple. 

This eBook generated 24 leads per day in first test. 


This is my attempt to help Small Business Owners better understand how to market on Facebook. 

Facebook is the easiest way to get leads but the majority of advertisers use an outdated approach. 

With this 7-Step strategy you get proven tips from live business examples and not theory alone. 


I'm tired of hearing about "Expert Setup" yet ROI results are still average - it's annoying. 

The value lies in How to Write Killer Ads. 

That's how you boost click through ratios (CTR) and lower Cost Per Click (CPC). 

This free eBook explains the 5-Step process. 


Create a digital portal servicing the luxury safari market and targeting The USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. 

Partner with leading South African Operator and service VIP travelers to South & East Africa. 

Drive traffic with Google Marketing. 


Sometimes I get distracted and just want to build cool shit :)

As a lifetime Liverpool Supporter I made a tribute vehicle using a betting brand I created. 

The result I think is pretty cool and Social Media post worthy. 


FanBet concept for unique betting game with mobile-first interface. 

Entire design phase from homepage through game, admin, reporting, live tracking and data integration. 

The idea is to bet behind winning players and replicate their picks. 

Target market: United Kingdom